Online classes provide a pleasant alternative to sitting for 25 hours in a classroom to meet the Driver Education Class requirement. Sign up now if you want the convenience of taking classes on your computer. Study and review at your own pace, and retake tests until you get them right. ...more


The Driver Education and Training courses at A Plus Driving School are designed to meet the social responsibilities and legal requirements you need to become a legal driver in California. The Department of Motor Vehicles minimum requirement for Driver Training is six-hours of behind-the-wheel training. ...more


A Plus Driving School is owned and operated by Don Melrose and his son, who have guided more than a thousand students to successfully obtaining their CA driver license since 1992. They are patient, experienced, and knowledgeable instructors. They are DMV licensed and CA High School credentialed and members of a nationally recognized driving association. ...more

Did You Know?

If you are under 17-1/2, a learner’s permit won’t be valid until you are enrolled in driver training and have one lessons from a driving school.

Without a valid permit, driving is considered driving without a license!

What are the possible consequences of driving without a valid permit?

  • You could lose your permit privileges until you are 18.
  • Any adults that were with you could face fines of up to $1,000 AND suspension of THEIR LICENSE for up to a year
  • Any claims that result from a collision when you drive without a valid permit may be refused by an insurance company.

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