Online classes provide a pleasant alternative to sitting for 25 hours in a classroom to meet the Driver Education Class requirement. Sign up now if you want the convenience of taking classes on your computer. Study and review at your own pace, and retake tests until you get them right. ...more


The Driver Education and Training courses at A Plus Driving School are designed to meet the social responsibilities and legal requirements you need to become a legal driver in California. The Department of Motor Vehicles minimum requirement for Driver Training is six-hours of behind-the-wheel training. ...more


A Plus Driving School is owned and operated by Don Melrose and his son, who have guided more than a thousand students to successfully obtaining their CA driver license since 1992. They are patient, experienced, and knowledgeable instructors. They are DMV licensed and CA High School credentialed and members of a nationally recognized driving association. ...more


“Alyssa and I wanted to thank you for teaching all 3 of our kids to drive. We feel they got the very best training by coming to you! You taught our kids the importance of paying attention while driving and to take it seriously. They all are great drivers! You are professional in your instruction and take the time to show the kids the correct way to drive. We would highly recommend you to anyone who wants the BEST training. You prepared all 3 of our kids so well that all of them passed their driving test the first time! They were very happy and realized what a great job you did.

Thanks again for all your help.”  — Matt, Alyssa, Kristen, Sean and Daniel Conner

“Don is prompt, courteous, and well prepared. I would recommend him to new students.”
— Anne Fisher


“Don Melrose taught both my children how to drive, most recently my daughter. He is an excellent teacher and gave both my children the utmost of confidence while they were behind the wheel.

As a parent, the process of your child learning to drive and the steps needed in obtaining a permit and license for that child can be a daunting task. After contacting Mr. Melrose about scheduling the lessons for my daughter, I received a packet in the mail from him, explaining the steps that were needed for her to obtain her license, and the documentation that was required for this process, making it all very easy for us to understand. After the first lesson, Mr. Melrose evaluated our process. He was there every step of the way, which we as parents greatly appreciated.

Mr. Melrose once again came through for us in teaching another one of our children to drive. He not only gave our child the confidence she needed as a driver, but also us, her parents the confidence in her driving ability. I highly recommend Mr. Melrose to any parent who is looking for an excellent drivers training program.”  — Carol Fowlie


“A+ Driving School provides the best driving instruction in town. Mr. Melrose is a wonderful teacher who really connects with first time drivers while making learning to drive fun and at the same time very effective. All my children learned from him and they are excellent drivers today. I highly recommend A+ Driving School and Don Melrose with extreme confidence!”  — Lynda Hall


“I hired Don Melrose to teach all three of my children to drive. I was very happy with the way he would sit and talk with them at the end of each lesson and talk to them, as adults, in regards to what areas they needed to work on in driving, while still enforcing confidence in their ability to drive. He also took the initiative to take them to areas that they were unfamiliar with, so that they could practice different driving situations. His calm demeanor was relayed to my children and their driving habits. I would highly recommend Mr. Melrose to any parent who is in need of a well rounded confident driving instructor.”  — Gina Billington